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Overseas Car Transport Guide

Moving overseas is definitely more complicated as compared to moving about in the city itself. In the overseas cat transport

The Benefits of Enclosed Car Transport

Find out the benefits of enclosed car transport services provided by the car transport companies.

Car Transport Companies

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Useful Car Transport tips:

Wash your car and inspect it for scratches, dents, and other deterioration before you move it. Check the car carefully at the time of delivery and mention any damage on the documents before you sign them. This will help you to lodge a claim.

Your car should be in a running condition during the move, because you will have to pay more if it is not operational. You are not permitted to carry any personal belongings in the car while it is being moved.

Ask the car transport service about its liability for any damage to your car while it is in transit. Find out if your car insurance policy will cover your vehicle while it is being moved.

Ask the car transport company to provide details of the estimated pick-up and delivery dates in writing. You may be offered a three-day widow for the pick up and delivery of your vehicle. A confirmed delivery date may be provided by the car transportation company if your vehicle will be in storage for some time before it is delivered.

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